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Industrial Shop Manager

Kate's program exceeded my expectations. She was personable and helped me find my own answers. She pushed in a way that did not feel like a push and helped me experience realizations as to how I managed or mismanage situations. I have a renewed self-awareness and self-confidence, and I am allowing myself to trust in others to be able to delegate responsibilities and projects.  I would recommend her as a coach and in fact, already have.


Medical Center Leadership

​Kate is an amazing coach. Her powerful questions helped me frame my workplace issues in new ways that allowed me find different solutions. She also excels with small groups.  Kate facilitated a leadership training on DISC that led participants to new insights about themselves in the context of their workplaces. I enthusiastically recommend her!


Non-profit Development Officer

Kate’s coaching helped me discover and pursue my true passions. Through gentle prompting, she empowered me to grow in confidence and take control over my professional life. After working with Kate, I have a much clearer vision of what I want to do, and I have the tools to get there. I highly recommend Kate’s services to professionals at any stage in their career.


Donor Engagement Leader

Kate is one of the rare individuals I’ve worked with who has balanced strengths in both the art and science of working with donors and advancement colleagues. She cares deeply about mission-focused work and doing the right thing, bringing exceptional listening skills and empathy to everything she does. At the same time, she is strategic, decisive, and highly knowledgeable about our business.

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