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I Have Two Questions for You

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Who do you think you are? and.... What gives you the right?

Not only are these questions (in MY humble opinion) two of the funniest questions ever delivered in an interview (, they also underlie just about every doubt we have about putting ourselves out there.

That's right friends, we're talking about Impostor Syndrome. That magical, mystery psych-pest that tries to convince you that you have no idea what you're doing and that no one should take you seriously in your chosen area of expertise. Never mind your years of education and experience! Forget that you are a sought-after subject matter expert among your peers! Who cares about those certifications and testimonials! What gives you the audacity to think that you have something valuable to offer to others?

The facts are... You do. You are. And you can.

I have a love/hate relationship with this part of my own Self. Even as I'm writing this I don't think anyone will ever read it. Why would they? I'm just another coach trying to build a client base in what might just be a saturated market. I struggle to believe that I have valuable skills that can help others achieve their goals and live their purpose. Coaches are a dime a dozen, blah blah blah... I realize that's my Impostor Syndrome talking. And because of all that education, experience and credentialing, I know I need to acknowledge and honor that part of my Self. But I don't need to let it keep me from writing this and putting it out there. And you shouldn't either.

Want to take on that Impostor Syndrome with a coach who can relate? Let's find ways you can swat that pest once and for all. I'm here for you. Email me at

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